COVID-19 et audits SQF


Voici la position de SQF en date du 26 mars 2020 par rapport à la crise du coronavirus :

" SQF has in place a means to defer certification due to extenuating circumstances and has updated it’s procedure on approving date change requests and references the IAF Informative Document for Management of Extraordinary Events or Circumstances Affecting ABs, CABs and Certified Organizations. SQF’s policy has been updated to align with GFSI and allows for a one-time 6-month extension.  It requires CBs to conduct a risk assessment to understand and determine if there is a need to in extend the certificate. This is also in line with other buyers and has been shared with our retailer members.

The SQF policy also requires the CB to assess the risk for continuing certification during an extraordinary event and request information from sites, as applicable. If you are seeking a delay in your site’s certification audit, then you should contact your CB to understand your options. "

Que vous recherchiez un avis technique ou souhaitiez implanter une nouvelle norme dans votre entreprise: vous pouvez compter sur nous pour vous aider. Appelez-nous pour entamer les démarches de certification dès maintenant!